The Human Body:

Lesson 1

Make a jelly using gelatine. Keep it soft and rather amorphous.

Show the students: What does this gelatine need to make it a human body, a functioning, workable human body.

Life: Breathe on the jelly and tell them you have breathed the breath of life into the gelatine. Laugh while doing this. Make sure they do not take you seriously and understand we cannot really give the gelatine life.

List all the other options they suggest that it needs to have life. Take their ideas and put them into systems and learn about them one by one to turn the gelatine in to a body.



Science: Overview of the systems. We need energy. How to get my apple to energy in my cells. We burn food. So, what do we need to burn food. What about waste? Why do we remove it? Give them flow chart of the whole process.

Lesson 2: The Muscular System

Interesting facts about the Muscular System: (Read some to the students just to amaze them)


Start with videos to show how the muscular system works.

Go to youtube and find lots of videos for them to understand.

After each video, they need to list the important words they learn about muscles:

contract, relax, voluntary, involuntary, cardiac, smooth, striated.

The excretory system:

Reference to cleaning the classroom: KEEP IT CLEAN

Why? Discuss why we keep things clean.

Body wastes: carbon dioxide, salt, excess minerals, toxins, and unused water, odd chemicals that enter our system.

The excretory organs include the lungs, kidneys, liver and skin excellent site for reading activity using inferences and a graphic of the kidneys and bladder.

The liver: